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Happy New Year 2014!

Well, here we are. Another NEW BEGINNING!

I personally could not be more excited.

Looking back to 2013, I have a great deal to be thankful for.

My family, friends and fans who have inspired me to continue pursuing my passion at writing is my biggest thankful thought.

Sure, I can be funny, with my dry and sarcastic sense of humor.
I’ve made a bunch of new friends this past year through writing and experimenting on kindle and amazon.  I began a twitter account @jakeandjulia and also @booksbygvsteitz. Check them out and I appreciate anyone who will continue to follow my progress.
Check out my links page for more info on finding me all over social media!

My husband I am very grateful for. I thank GOD for his patience and understanding. Allowing me push through this crazy passion of mine, writing at all hours of the night when I can’t sleep because the hamster that runs on the wheel in my head won’t stop at take a freakin’ break already.


So now we move into 2014 with dreams, hopes and wishes. Planning for a successful year to come and enjoying the journey through it all!

This year, I have plans to have my first book, Broken, from the Scars/Secrets trilogy release sometime this spring/summer. I will be sure to keep everyone posted as the time draws closer.


For now, I am starting a contest to all my viewers and followers. I want to keep everyone excited and entertained. Sign up on this blog to follow me. Make sure to leave feedback and fill out the contact page. I will be drawing 5 lucky winners to receive a FREE autographed copy of my first book, Broken from  Scars/Secrets trilogy when it comes out this spring. The deadline is February 28th. Check in regularly to view updates posted  to this year of excitement I have planned .

I look forward to hearing from everyone and to keep everyone informed with my progress. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.