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I know, I can’t believe it either!

Although I will admit, here in Chicagoland, THE COLD IS GETTING OLD! Not to mention I have now run out of places to throw the snow I shovel! Leave it to a Midwestern to complain about the weather right?

On a happier note…

Good news boys and girls. I am done with  copy edit of Scars/Secrets book 1, Broken.

It’s now in the hands of my publisher. I do pray it doesn’t need to go to a proof reader and I should hear back in regards to that within the week. I hope.

It’s been a year since I first began writing this trilogy. It has been an interesting year at that!

I have learned so much about writing. I can’t believe I was that clueless to so many things you need to create and build a book to its potential.

I’m lucky I am a great story teller at least. By that I mean I am very grateful to all of my readers from Kindle and Amazon interest in my early stages of writing. I still have a few books online that have yet to be corrected. Specifically my writing in current tense when it should be past tense. And my sentences were too long and the usage of nouns versus pronouns was excessive to say the least.

Still, with that being said, I am very relieved that I have received great reviews as well as feedback on all my books.

I have now began the crazy process of correcting book 2, Dark Lessons of the Scars/Secrets series.

I can’t begin to describe the excitement I have bubbling up inside of me to offer dates on book signings to everyone who is asking.

The anticipation of great things to come are driving me out of my mind! And my husband seems to think that isn’t very far to go in my case. Ha-Ha.

But seriously, I do hope to have more detailed information before this month is over and I can begin to plan my launch party!

A friend and author, Janet Feduska Cole of, Cancelled: Stamps to Die For. Is teaming up with me in writing a “Self Marketing” how to book.

We have mentioned the idea to a few people on creating a writers club get-together once a month. To my surprise, we instantly found a dozen interested writer’s in the making.

I know this year will be an exciting one. I am trying to enjoy each step as I go, but I can’t help but get caught up dreaming of everything possible once this first book is launched! I can’t wait to experience this with everyone I know. Good or bad, I want to prove to myself I can do this and be a success!

When I am taking a break from editing my books I read. A LOT! Generally I knock off a book a day.

I notice each writer’s style’s and technique’s. More so now that I have the knowledge with the “errors of my ways” creating my trilogy. It’s surprising that I didn’t seen those little things before. And even though it’s not recommended, I will admit that I do sometimes more than I want to acknowledge, judge a book by the cover. I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth. That being said, I want to make sure I have a ‘steamy’ cover to go with my books.

If judging a book by its cover is something I can admit to, I know many others do it as well.

The story of Jake and Julia is a very dramatic, erotic even dark in many parts and very descriptive. I want to express the sensual and passionate love story of Jake and Julia on the cover. If someone walking by my book in a store is captured by the look of their story, chances are great they will open it up and read the sleeve. If they read the sleeve, chances are greater they will want to read their story. Something to consider for all of those who are interested in writing. Giving the reader a broader picture of the imagination of a writer. It poses questions to ask the who, what, where and why of a writer.

We hate to admit it but visual first impressions  are important. In this day and age, politically correct or not, it remains to be true.

If dark, deep and sensual is something you enjoy experiencing, you will LOVE this trilogy!

Stayed tuned for more details to come! I look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone. Whether it is on this blog, in person, on Facebook, Twitter or email. I enjoy hearing every one’s opinion. Good and Bad. It makes me become a better writer. I understand I won’t please everyone all of the time. And as long as I am happy with the story told than I have succeeded. It’s still good to get feedback on my personal techniques

Thanks and Happy Reading!


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