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How to Publish With Your Own Imprint

Great information! Thanks Larry Grodecki for passing along this valuable blog by Bench Press andSavvybookwriters

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by Nicole Eva Fraser

I love my traditional publisher, Second Wind Publishing LLC in North Carolina. Second Wind released my first novel (The Hardest Thing in This World) in October 2013.  So why did I decide to self-publish my second novel and a nonfiction e-Book in 2014?  Simply because I wanted to learn the DIY side of the business, and take charge of getting my books to market at a faster pace.


To publish with my own imprint, I followed the basic steps below, which you can adapt for the state where you live and the self-publishing company you work with.

First, the definition of “imprint”
An imprint is a publisher name. Your own imprint is simply the publisher name you choose, clear, and register according to your state business laws to use in self-publishing your own books. 

File your imprint name in your state

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