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Q & A Time!!!

Q & A Time!!!.


What month is it? Oh yeah,

Well, look at how time flies by boys and girls!
As some of you know, I am here in a half state of limbo land!
The specific date for my book to drop is getting closer by the minute!
I am guessing by late May I will have the print copy in my hot little hands.
The book is in the first part of final galley.
What does that mean exactly?
Basically, it’s one step away from print! Which at this point, is all I care about!
I want to let all of you know how grateful I am for all of your support.
Whether it be checking in on my blog here, or sharing info on my book on googleplus or twitter. If you follow me on Facebook, bravely admitting to liking or sharing something I post or you look me up on Pinterest, I really appreciate all of you!
I’ve been doing copious amounts of research on self promoting and marketing these last few weeks. And let me just say, the rodent that runs on that frickin wheel in my head is in full gallop mode 24/7! Thank you very much!

Working on my book cover has been found to be one of the more challenging aspects of finalizing every last tidbit of my book. It’s as if this book has taken on a life of its own, no joke!
For all of you writers out there. If you have gone through this process from start to finish on creating a book more than once and still created another one again, I applaud you!!!
There are days I feel like a fly on crack! And other days a slug moves faster than I do!
Thank God I have anxiety medication for fly crack days and my latest addiction, coffee for slug days!

Once I have this book in print and I’m actually holding it, first I will do the happy dance!
Second I will put up on here specific dates to my two official launch parties and future signing engagements.

Media coverage will be the trickiest!
I’m hoping I have enough skill to score a few interviews whether it be podcast, skype, radio, satalite, anything! If you know anyone, please feel free to drop a word in for me 🙂

And I’m not proud to admit I enjoy my new found self-named title to add to the already long list of names! My newest additions is Social Media Whore! Yup, that would be me. Over here wiggling my chubby little fingers up in the air, swaying my arms back and forth. In cyberspace, I am screaming here I am!!! Notice me!!! As I bounce in my chair from the extra padding I carry. Thank you Easter bunny for creating my first known addiction 43 years ago! Chocolate bunny I curse you!

I have been blessed to have some amazing support from fellow writers. Tina Donahue, Alex Anders, Janet Cole, Lawrence Grodecki and Scarlet Wolfe to name a few important ones!
This group of amazing writers have helped me advertise and promote my book. They have given me sound advice that has helped emensly along my journey. Their honesty and direct approach has taught me a great deal. And all of their support truly warms my heart. To know, even though we may only be friends online, never having directly npmet face to face, and share the same passion through cyber land, I am forever grateful to each of you for your own specialty that has given me and continues to give me hope and a sense of accomplishment.

I hope to keep you, the reader and possible fan, checking in from time to time here.
Two sites that have helped me a great deal are and
Seriously, check them out!

As for all the writers I wrote about specifically, check their out work! You won’t be disappointed. We all have our own special niche. None of us write the same so if you don’t enjoy my writing, check their’s out. Check their work out even if you do like mine. Variety is good.
Google their names or check for them on Amazon. You will find their blogs and websites that way. I’ve read from all of those authors and their books are scary or romantic, some are alpha male strong, others is all about love and different roles of people in our lives. There is mystery, action, romance, SPICY erotic romance, phew and I mean SPICY people!
Maybe a splash of murder somewhere in one or two of their books, but I’m not confirming nor denying. You will just have to figure it out yourselves!
Keep in touch, and thank you again for all the support!

Upcoming Grants for Writers

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Are you living in the USA, Canada or United Kingdom? The following grants, fellowships or writers residencies are mostly offered on a yearly basis, sometimes even twice a year. Bookmark their links and check periodically their deadlines. Besides accommodation, writers often receive a stipend and travel expenses paid. A great way for writers to get out of their routine, find solitude and time to write in order to advance their career.

Iowa Artist Fellowship
The Artist Fellowship provides support to individuals who demonstrate exceptional creativity in the arts and the capacity for continued contributions to the excellence and innovation of the arts in the State. The Artist Fellowship Program seeks to elevate the arts in Iowa by advancing the artistic careers of Iowa artists through funding and professional development. The Iowa Arts Council awards each fellow $5,000 to support the development of their artistic career.
Deadline May 1…

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