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Drum Roll Please…. The Final Cover REVEAL!!

Drum Roll Please…. The Final Cover REVEAL!!.


Drum Roll Please…. The Final Cover REVEAL!!


This cover is something I have been dreaming to become a reality!
I’m so very excited to finally see what my mind has been trying to express. took care of everything and anything I wanted this cover to convey. Please check her website out if you are looking for a very professional, high quality cover for your book. Her name is Kari, and please let her know I sent you.
I promise you will NOT be disappointed!
Kari was very detailed. She had me fill out an extensive questionnaire regarding what I was looking for. She showed me a color wheel to choose colors from and started off by sending me 8 mock up designs.
Each one with different fonts, different shading, different pictures.
I couldn’t have asked for better service or quality. Her professionalism and down to earth personality put my crazy mind at ease.
Her fee is at an outstanding rate! $125 and you won’t believe what it all entails.
Thank you Kari for your amazing work! I know a few authors who will be contacting you already!
Now, for all of you eager beavers who are reviewing this first look at the cover…. Please please leave me some feedback. I would love to hear what you think.
I truly rely on feedback to help me create and write better with each book I write. You, the reader, help me become a better writer!
So I would appreciate anything you have to say!
Thank you again for everyone’s patience, it’s almost complete!



Julia DaVella had suffered an abusive life. She all but gave up the dream of her happily ever after. Convinced they never really existed.
That was until her eyes locked with those of a dark angel in the club that night. She knew right then she would submit to him in any and every way he desired. She knew she was bound to be his.

Jake Tortelli, dangerous, virile, dominant, and head boss of the mafia.
He’s the big boss all five Italian families look to for approval.
Self made billionaire, paired with uber sex appeal, everyone wants a piece of him.
Jake still craves more.

From that fateful night when Jake’s eyes locked with Julia’s! Jake knew she was his. And only his! The sexual tension between them nearly brought Jake to his knees. Nothing and no one would stand in his way to possess every inch of her.

Feedback greatly appreciated!

10 things you didn’t know about me.

First, I want to tell everyone I got this idea from Tina Donahue. Best Selling Author of Erotic Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance and I know I am forgetting one more. Anyway, she’s an amazing writer! Check her out at

1. I’m the oldest of four kids, 1 girl 3 boys.
2. I’m addicted to chocolate.
3. I’m a ‘social media’ hussy.
4. I went to school, part time for Cosmetology. The same last two years of high school. (By the way, back in the old days to get my license in cosmetology it only cost $600.00 yeah, Total! Versus now I believe around $30k!)
5. I trained and had my golden retriever, Jack, certified to be a therapy dog in the state of IL. (I have no human children, Jack though is my baby)
6. My first book, Broken, from the trilogy Scars of Julia & Secrets of Jake I originally wrote in two days! At the time of creation it was 56,000 words.
Of course I have been working on the editing process for 15 months and is now 70,000 words. Due to be released with Pegasus Books in July 2014, I pray!
7. I eloped in Niagara Falls, NY.
8. I’ve been with my husband for nearly 15 years.
9. I HATE mornings!
10. I write my best work between 1am – 4am!

So there you have it.
Stay in the loop to hear more details of my trilogy release!
Thanks for your support and interest.

G ~

The 10,000-Hour Rule for Writers

Excellent information to take to heart!

Savvy Writers & e-Books online



Expectations? Lower them!
Ian Irvine, an Australian bestselling author wrote: “Feel free to write the most beautiful, thought-provoking words in the English language. The public will feel equally free to ignore them. Rarely, someone will write a book and get it published straight away.  I was once in a roomful of writers when that question was asked, and only three writers raised their hands. Most writers work for 5-10 years before getting their first book published (my first took 9 years.)

Remember the 10,000-hour Rule
“That’s roughly how much work and practice it takes to become accomplished in any field, whether it be sporting, creative or professional. 10,000 hours is 5 years of full time hard work. To become a virtuoso, triple that.”

Bestseller Authors Need Years
Building up their audience takes lots of time, so it is surprising, that authors dream of their first book…

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