Drum Roll Please…. The Final Cover REVEAL!!


This cover is something I have been dreaming to become a reality!
I’m so very excited to finally see what my mind has been trying to express.
Covertocoverdesigns.com took care of everything and anything I wanted this cover to convey. Please check her website out if you are looking for a very professional, high quality cover for your book. Her name is Kari, and please let her know I sent you.
I promise you will NOT be disappointed!
Kari was very detailed. She had me fill out an extensive questionnaire regarding what I was looking for. She showed me a color wheel to choose colors from and started off by sending me 8 mock up designs.
Each one with different fonts, different shading, different pictures.
I couldn’t have asked for better service or quality. Her professionalism and down to earth personality put my crazy mind at ease.
Her fee is at an outstanding rate! $125 and you won’t believe what it all entails.
Thank you Kari for your amazing work! I know a few authors who will be contacting you already!
Now, for all of you eager beavers who are reviewing this first look at the cover…. Please please leave me some feedback. I would love to hear what you think.
I truly rely on feedback to help me create and write better with each book I write. You, the reader, help me become a better writer!
So I would appreciate anything you have to say!
Thank you again for everyone’s patience, it’s almost complete!


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