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The time has nearly arrived!

Well my loyal followers and secret squirrel interests…
I am now in Final Galley!
What does that mean? Well personally I think it’s a fancy word for more editing! But that’s just me.
It’s funny how many times you read a book, you see different things each time.
Like most authors, I have invested a great deal of time in getting this first book of my trilogy as close to perfect as possible. In fact, it’s been over a year!
I’m a mix of emotions. I’m excited, panicked, nervous, and afraid out of my mind!
Yes, I am a self published author.

My pre-promoting for Broken, book 1 of the Trilogy: Scars of Julia & Secrets of Jake has been successful. But with a debut book coming out, the cover is first and foremost. It’s as some would say, “your cover is your first flirt” with the potential reader.
And whether it’s good or bad, it could make or break the book and anything that follows.
The cost of the book is another huge factor.
With the the booming business of E-readers out there, ebooks, are dirt cheap! Not to mention competition is fierce besides.
Promoting and marketing is another factor to consider. And let’s face it, in today’s market of publishers, unless you are Bill Gates or Oprah, you are left to your own devices for a huge chuck of the promote/marketing arena.
I still have books on Kindle and Amazon. And little did I know when I first wrote them, I had no clue they should of been written past tense.
Of course everyone’s tastes are different but to the world of publishers, my books as a self publisher have been written with a huge dose of no-no’s.
Too many ‘LY’ words, too long of sentences, too many nouns, present tense instead of past and of course grammatical errors factored in as well. I’m shocked at how many books I’ve actually sold with all of those things working against me for a first time writer! All considering I’ve sold hundreds of copies and had given away thousands across the globe.
Surprising enough I have decent feedback and ratings overall, but to consider the volume of books I’ve got circulating, I’m shocked there isn’t more feedback. But in all due time I suppose.

I read a book a day, to get my mind off of my book but I tend to obsess if my book is as good as… All the time. But overall, I’m confident that I can make this a successful trilogy.
I admire all of you writers out there. Most people have no idea how much work that goes into the entire process of publishing a book. Whether it’s self published or not. It’s a GREAT DEAL of WORK! And my hat is off to all of you who dare take a stab at creating a follow up book or another story entirely!
For months I feel as if I’m living that movie, Groundhogs Day!
It’s like I can’t get to sleep unless I make one more sweep of the book.
And let me add one more thing. I know, humor me though please.
Writing a DARK romance, isn’t all sunshine and flowers. There are some intensely graphic and disturbing chapters written in this book. To read them over and over is difficult at best. I suppose that’s my penance for having a twisted mind.
So consider yourselves warned! 🙂
Stay tuned for more details. Yay! (Rolling my eyes for dramatic effect.)

The Best and the Worst Book Covers

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Interesting book covers are getting more exposure on shelf-displays, both online and off-line. We are a very visual culture, which influences our book-buying habits. A stunning book cover is one of the best marketing tools for any writer!  And you will never have a second chance to make a first good impression with your book – online and offline!  In the last weeks I have seen so many ugly and boring book covers and lots of beginner errors on self-published books, I just had to write this reminder.

Chris Robley wrote recently in a blog for BookBaby:

  1. Before someone buys your book, they will probably read your book description, blurbs, bio, and maybe even skim a few pages from chapter one.
  2. Before they can do any of that reading, they will have to pick the book off a shelf, or perhaps click to the book’s page on…

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