7 Free Photo Sources For Authors

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In former blog posts we wrote already about free photo sources. To keep you updated, here
are seven websites added, which offer free, professionally taken and Photoshop-enhanced
images, together with everyday shots. Carefully choose the resolution that you need,
especially if the the image is for print of a high-quality book cover. Some of these photo sites
require registration (free), but it’s more than worth it.

Microsoft Image Gallery
Did you know: Microsoft has a superb online photographic resource – all free, and every
photograph is of high quality. Great for book covers.

Kozzi Free Photo Library
One of the most popular stock photo libraries on the net. Photographs have been
professionally shot for the most part, and dramatically enhanced in photoshop.

The first and largest free stock-photo site online. Easy to navigate with over 350,000 images,
contributed by 30,000 photographers. This photograph…

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2 thoughts on “7 Free Photo Sources For Authors

  1. My husband works for Morning Disposal, he delivered to your house today. You were kind enough to send me a book. I just wanted to say Thank you!! I’m excited to start reading.

    • Book 2, Dark Lessons is finally available online in ebook form through Amazon and Kindle.
      Within another 2 days, it should be available in print.
      Thank you for your interest.

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