A Form of Expression

We all have our of personal taste in everything from the food we eat to the company we keep.
Art is a wonderful form of expression which I enjoy emensly.
Whether the form of art is expressed through paint, or pencil. Computer graphic or clay. On canvas or metal. Art is a wonderful way to relieve stress, to let go of your reality and to dream and hope.
Art could be through music or dance as well.
And of course as a writer myself, let’s not forget that form of art also. 🙂

As of late, I have found my interest in different levels of abstract broadening.
I enjoy getting lost in the moment when my sense’s absorb a form of art I appreciate.
Recently I have joined googleplus and let me tell you, some of these artist’s should or could be beyond admiration of Picasso! So expressive, sensual or erotic. Innocent or dark. Mysterious as well as graphic and sometimes down right disturbing. But thanks to the World Wide Web, we get to see and experience it all now.


This picture specifically is by an artist named Lawrence Grodecki. He has a few online galleries and you should take a look at his work.
You can tweet him @ljgordecki.

I was instantly drawn to this picture.
I don’t exactly know what specifically draws me to a piece of art.
What drew me to this picture first was the colors. But it’s more than that. There is the impression of textures and layers to his work. And that adds depth to this piece.
This artist does have a specific taste as do most artists.
His work appears to have many layers to his work. A very time consuming process. I’m sure the process is intense but the reward of so many admirers of his work is rewarding for sure!
Knowing how your art touches people who you never met, really is a special feeling. I know that first hand and words cannot express that feeling.
And if you could indulge me a moment on what artists name each of their pieces.
Some artists name each piece with a specific event or places thing or person that the artist has in mind at the time of conception of his or her piece of art. Some artists name art in a whimsical or fleeting moment.
With that personal opinion, and that is all it is, my opinion, I still think there is an underlining image or influence the artist has in mind when creating each piece.
Whether or not that artist would admit to that or not, one will never know depending on the artist.
I do have to giggle a bit at this piece titled, ‘Fine Feather Friends’.
True, I do see a swan or two in the picture, or the illusion of at least. I suppose there is a direct meaning I don’t know personally and that’s okay.
I see the outlining of a woman as well. Possibly a person who profoundly touch this artist in a spiritual way words wouldn’t do justice to describe. And maybe that’s why the art. It could be a tribute to someone or something that cannot be expressed through words but only through the artists eye.
Sometimes I look at a picture and I want to name it personally that suits where I am in my personal journey in life. Of course that’s my issue to deal with. LOL.
But IF I could name this specific piece, I think I would name it, ‘Warm Presence’ or ‘Spiritual Essence’ or ‘Whispered Prayer’
Of course, I’m in general a deeper person than most would define as in ‘normal portions’ so what do I know? And most of you are probably thinking, “what the…” LOL.
Anyway, thank you for your time.
Stay tuned for me to show snippets of things I enjoy or bring me personal joy.
Maybe to express what I feel through my eyes.

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