About the Author G.V. Steitz

I first started writing as a form of therapy. I was always better expressing my thoughts on paper.

For the longest time, my God-Mother, Vittoria, would always tell me I should write a book.

So I added it to my bucket list and moved on.

After turning 40, I began to work on my bucket list. My parents had been curious as to why I wanted to start my bucket list so early.

My answer was simple. “So I can make sure I complete it before I die or forget who I am.”

My sense of humor is dry, and sarcastic IF you haven’t picked up on that little tidbit of information just yet.

So I began writing, and for some unknown reason, I wrote in current tense. Makes no sense looking back on it now. Not to mention how foolish I felt, considering I read a book a day. Why didn’t I notice that? It must had been some sort of brain fart. Who knows.

The story of Jake and Julia is a fictional, contemporary romance. Some ask me how I came up with their story and to be honest, I have no idea. It just started to play like a movie in my head. I had to get it out on paper so I started their story.

The characters I wrote about, to me, are not characters but real people. Of course they are make believe people, but Jake and Julia became real people as I wrote about them.

I had a really good time writing their love story. Some of it was difficult to get through, but worth it having seen the end result. There are many parts that are funny and sincere and will make you laugh out loud. But there are also scenes that will tug at your heart strings and bring out the tears you weren’t expecting to shed.

I heard this quote from a recently aired sitcom called, “Mike & Molly”.

Susan Surandon was playing a famous author and Molly wants to become a writer so Molly stalked her to pick her brain for ideas.

The famous author Susan played said something that really made me think.

“They always say, ‘write what you know’. But I don’t believe that’s true. I believe you should write about what you don’t want them to know”.

It makes sense really. People really want to see a side of you most wouldn’t by just ‘seeing’ you.

And people like myself who are deep, passionate, curious, dramatic, emotional, sarcastic, who dream too much and love to people watch, those people have good thoughts floating around in their heads.

When I write my main characters in a book, I tend to become them while I write their story. And I believe that every good writer has a piece of themselves in each book they write as well.

It could be something out as plain as day and it could be something hidden in between the lines you need to find. That’s the fun part of reading books from your favorite authors.

Stay tuned for more information from me. I’m sort of new to this, and I am doing my best to figure it all out.

I also will be submitting my ‘official’ book launch date, along with all the specifics for that special day.

Happy reading.
Here are a few recent pics of me. The one I primarily use from our Alaskan Cruise is a few years old.
As you can see, I’m all for photo shop and as soon as I can afford it, I’m jumping into a consultation so fast you will think I’m up in flames!
What you think? Too scary to look at?





2 thoughts on “About the Author G.V. Steitz

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  2. Your expression and imagination will take you far.
    I believe someday you will be on the New York Best Sellers List, if not to bad New York!! You will have missed a great deal.

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