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Happy Spring Forward!



As I try to pull
myself from the deep freeze in the Midwest, I find myself trying to catch up
with social media.

Yes, I am guilty of
goofing off and taking some time off to just chat with friends.

So let’s recap,
shall we?

Last summer was a
very busy time for me.

I finally put out my
first book of the the trilogy, Scars of Julia & Secrets of Jake.

The book is called
“Broken” and has been getting awesome reviews.

Books sales have now
reached 5,000 worldwide!


I’ve also had a big
relocation in my personal life here.

I moved clear across
the state, and is now living the life of a wannabe country girl.

It’s been quite the
challenge sorting through and “cleaning house” as they say. In more
ways than one as well.


I’m so happy to have
discovered a new layer to myself.

Through all of my,
never dull life, I’ve met an entire new family within social media.

I’ve made some
wonderful new friends across the globe.

I’ve begun my french
lessons, with the help of some lovely friends in France.

And I’ve discovered
some extremely fresh and new talented individuals as well.


Which brings me to
my latest found artist.

Brilliant is the
word that comes to mind 


 Truthfully, it was a
complete fluke to find this man and his work.

Being a
“Sensual Romance” writer…. I look into EVERY type of romance. And I

Personally I have an
affinity for anything with eyes, solar system , Galaxy, and fantasy.

Mr. Aldric is an
artist in France.

His art takes on a
very dark side ride of erotica. He has also displays powerful illusions in bdsm
lifestyle. And his fantasy art is over the top creative, fresh and plays with
your imagination.


The link I have
posted here is one of his more recent pieces. 

Titled, “Back
to You”.

I love looking at
it. The detail, the creative thought process, and the visualization he has in
work jump out at you.


I have one of his
pieces of work that is now no longer available to the general public.

For which I feel
blessed to have in my personal collection.

Check him out. See
for yourself. Tell him GV sent you.

I promise you will
not be disappointed.

Feedback is always
welcome here as well.



As for upcoming
information on my second book, Dark Lessons, of the trilogy, Scars of Julia
& Secrets of Jake…..

Here is where we are

It’s going through
its late run with my editor.

I have contacted my
cover artist and I pray pray pray she can squeeze me in before April.

Keep your fingers

I will be sure to
post the exact date it is out for purchase.

At best, I’m hoping
before the end of March.


And also so exciting

I have a intimate
apparel store with three locations and a website store, considering carrying my
trilogy in print!


I am unable to
reveal the store name as of right now.

As soon as we have
an official contract I will post details and it. If all goes well, it will be
the first locations I have for my book signing quest this coming summer.

Most likely my first
books signing will be in the northwest states. Washington, Idaho and Minnesota.


Thank you for all of
your support. I have received numerous emails and letters with some wonderful

Also, a special
shout out to the UK.

They have
flabbergasted me with how well received Broken has been.

Much love to you
all. I’ll be in touch soon!


Selling Audio-Books and E-books to Libraries

Savvy Writers & e-Books online




How Do Libraries Get Their e-Books?
OverDrive, the main distributor to libraries has more than 1,000,000 e-book titles available and growing. They were the early pioneers in the digital lending space and developed the e-book lending systems used by most libraries today. Overdrive uses the same Adobe DRM (Digital Rights Management) system as Kobo, Sony, B & N and Google Books to protect files from piracy and manage the lending period of library e-books. Overdrive also offers a program called “Advantage” where individual libraries and library systems buy extra titles or copies to fill local demand.
Audio-Book and e-Book Lending Exploded
In these statistics you can see the tremendous growth in circulation numbers from just one library during the last years. In the meantime the numbers are much higher!

August 2005 – 231
August 2009 – 16,680
Nov. 2009 – 17,521 ——— 776

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