Dream Board for Scars of Julia & Secrets of Jake

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWA2pjMjpBs  YOU HAVE TO HEAR RIHNNA’s SONG Diamonds!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WifEFI6eK8  This clip is the lyrics only and the flash on you screen when you play it. The words are PERFECT for Jake and Julia!

These pictures are not my own. They are pictures that are circulated on Pinterest. They serve as a visual aid to the trilogy; Scars of Julia & Secrets of Jake. My dream and goal is to get on the New York best sellers list and to have a movie made of this series. These pictures have been circulated from many people on Pinterest. They only serve as an idea to visualize the story of Scars of Julia & Secrets of Jake.  Most pictures are brainstorming ideas for me and how to capture Jake and Julia’s story for the reader. It also keeps a visual reminder for me as to where I want their story to lead to. Yes, this isn’t the, ‘norm’ for writer’s to use as an outlet for their stories but I never claimed to be ‘normal’. When you look through these visual idea’s, see if you can pick out who’s who in their story. You’ll find it to be as fun as I thought it was creating their life in the book. 🙂 I think it would be amazing to use some of these locations and products/toys for the movie of the trilogy but time will tell. I will post more at a later date. Of course any and all feedback is welcome. Enjoy! G.V. Steitz

bugattiPencil skirt very work appropriate . good look for Eve.  Nico or Jimmy at warehouseMarco's style kitchen The Signature Room in the Hancock building Jake's personal body guard suv truck gun safe ... very nice!     black on black on black Jake style  Beautiful bedroom   Loose curls :)


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